“Eat this Much” if you want to be healthy. That’s right, log on to this clever web app which offers you custom-tailored diet charts according to your daily calorie intake targets. A basic account allows you to use the single-day diet planner with no restrictions. All you need to do is feed into the program how many calories you want to consume and over how many meals. You can follow any kind of diet you like, block stuff you don’t like, create/save as many foods and recipes as you want, and customize the nutrition targets down to the gram, the website says.
With a monthly fee of $9, you can access the automatic meal generator for the entire upcoming week and a grocery list of the stuff you’ll need to make it. Also, in case you deviate from the plan the web app will readjust your upcoming week’s schedule to keep you on track after analysing what you did or did not eat. There are further customization options for vegetarians, vegans and for people following several other diet types. Once you fill in your targets and generate a plan, the app lists what you should eat and how much of it. Hover over a dish and the app also gives you its recipe down to the time you will need to prepare and cook the meal.
If you have time on your hands to make 3 course dinners for yourself and enough determination to follow the plan through, then Eat this Much could be your personal diet assistant.