Google has launched a new video chat app for iOS and Android specifically. Google’s new launch has to battle with much popular iOS app, Face time, and to win this battle Google made a Duo cross-platform super-simpler.

Google promised speed, simplicity, security, and ability to work across any network connections. The user of the app has to tap on the profile of the person they want to call, concerned person answer the call, and one can have instant video chat.

“The mobile app will be available globally in 78 languages,” according to reports.

Google duo app frees you from creating any sorts of accounts or to maintain a friend list. App itself synchronizes with the contact list and user’s phone number. Video calling app adjusts to the changing network connections to keep the call connected when the bandwidth is limited so that the chat goes on smoothly.

User can manually turn on the limit mobile data usage through the app to restrict the data usage, this will lower video resolution but will consume less data.

When the network quality will get very poor then Duo app will adjust audio. 

Duo will switch back from Wi-Fi to cellular data without dropping the video call.

Duo’s most interesting feature is Knock-Knock. This feature of the app lets the user see live video of the caller before one even answer the call. This feature let the other see what the caller is up to. Google claims that ‘Knock-Knock’ feature makes video calling spontaneous and helps other to connect with the caller even before picking up the call.

Though the Google Duo is a very simple app, it does have some of the restrictions. The video-calling app will only work on Android sets running Jellybean and later, and iPhones running iOS or later. The app only works on mobile sets as it requires phone number, this means the app cannot work on tablets or any other device.

“We thought ‘amazing on mobile, nothing on desktop’ was the better approach.”

Duo app also ropes in WebRTC, which is a open-source project for browser-based real-time communication.

Google also claimed that all the video calls in Duo app are end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption also makes impossible for Google to intercept the communication.

“Hangouts will continue, but with an enterprise focus”

Google’s already existing app ‘Hangouts’ will continue but with the more focused mission of only serving enterprise users, though it will still be available for all the users.

Already existing users of Google Duo can invite friends by sending an invite text from inside the app. User can also mute the voice during the video calling.

Google’s video calling app Duo does have some unique features but also lack behind other video calling app like Skype or Facebook messenger. Since Duo does not provide with instant messenger and other features like emojis or conference call or group video calling, it’s hard for Duo to compete with the existing video calling apps.

Duo might stand up against other video calling app as well, due to its flexibility and durability of the video calling. While the users are frustrated due to call drop issues, this might give users some relief.

The company is also preparing to unveil a instant messaging app called Allo that will feature a robotic assistant. 

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