By Frederique Constant

Rs 70,000 onwards

The luxury watch manufacturer Frederique Constant has now entered the smartwatch business. Their Horological Smartwatch seems to be a smart choice for buyers who don’t want to stop wearing analog watches but also want to try out a smartwatch. It pairs with your phone over Bluetooth, and it monitors your steps and your sleep patterns like any sub-thousand rupees activity tracker would. The battery lasts a  year and most functions are controlled via the companion phone app. You can also send notifications from the phone to your wrist using the haptic feature on the watch. 


Duet Display

iOS app

Rs 990

Duet Display is an iPad app that turns your trusty tablet into a second screen for your laptop. After linking the app to your Windows or Mac PC, you can use the iPad’s touchscreen while away from the computer. The screen resolution that streams to your iPad will, however, be low. Extending the display can also serve as a great way to multitask by using one screen to run your browser and the other to run notes. You can also drag and drop windows of open apps from one display to the other. 


By Toreto

Rs 3,499

Phone alarms just don’t cut it anymore. A reliable alarm that wakes you up and also doubles up as a bedside speaker seems more than necessary, which is where Dreamsound comes in. The speakers have the classic digital clock on the front and the device also support FM. It has an inbuilt battery allowing playback of up to 10 hours and portability for outdoor entertainment. You can also play music through the USB or MicroSD reader built in to
the device.   


iOS app

Rs 250

The Moodnotes app tracks your feelings through the day. This Apple Watch app lets you quickly select faces to record your mood while the phone app also lets you add notes along with it. The goal of tracking is to find out what is influencing your mood in order to improve “thinking habits”. The app will analyse logs to guide you through negative patterns in your thinking, helping you build self-awareness to reduce stress and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

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