Television technology has evolved with time to such an extent that today’s TVs don’t even resemble their ancient and unwieldy, CRT-based ancestors. This is the age of smart TV, curved screens and high-definition picture quality that makes real-life images seem dull in comparison. The television market, too, is saturated with options. For a prospective buyer, there’s simply too much to choose from. Even in the high-end segment of the market, with top brands like Samsung and upstarts like Xiaomi vying for attention, there are enough players to baffle consumers. The following guide, though, might make things a little easier for all of us.


Samsung Smart TV H8000 Series 8 comes with a curved screen which gives a panoramic view. The screen is curved at the right angle providing optimal viewing distance to the viewer. The curved full HD TV also has an Auto Depth Enhancer that will give its viewer contrast enhancer on the different areas of the screen. Samsung smart TV has introduced latest Micro Dimming Ultimate technology that will give a better picture enhancement and optimization. The clear motion rate technology of the HD TV minimizes the motion blur which means a higher CMR gives clearer viewing and less motion blur. CMR technology provides with enhanced image processor speed and backlight technology. Viewer can control their TV screen with voice commands and with hand gestures too. The smart view of the curved full HD TV let the viewers connect their devices with the TV and to stream live broadcast. The 65 inch full HD curved Smart TV comes at the price of Rs 3,51,900.


VU curved UHD premium TV comes in two range-65-inches and 75-inches. UHD TV features 4K UHD resolution OF 3840 × 2160 pixels. UHD TV also comes with a Pixelight HDR technology display and a premium core processor with premium smart chip and a specialized remote dedicated for Netflix. VU curved UHD TV also features 4K UHD playback and ultra-smooth motion rate. Smart TV with the HDR content will provide improved colors and brightness. VU’s curved UHD TV range comes at the price of Rs 1, 00,000 for 65-inches premium TV and 75-inches premium TV is priced at Rs 1,80,000.


Samsung KS9500 4K TV features 360-degree design which means the TV looks good from all the angles. KS9500 also has a one connect box which just need one Ethernet cable, power and one connect cable. The 4K TV also comes with the in-built Wi-Fi which helps to stream 4K Netflix and other entertainment videos smoothly. Samsung KS9500 4K TV has launched its latest Ultra HD Blu-ray resolution which will boost up the picture quality with amazing bright points. The Tv also comes with HDR system which gives a better performance and watching experience. The 65-inch Samsung KS9500 4K TV is priced at Rs 2, 83,094.

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Xiaomi Mi TV 3s as the name suggests offers 65-inch curved display with 4K resolution. Mi TV 3s is a thin TV which supports Mstar 6A928 TV processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. The TV is accompanied with Mi TV bar which is a 6-piece sound system. Mi TV 3s also supports Dolby DTS audio dual decoding. The TV runs on Android MIUI and comes with 30Hz-22kHz sound bar, wireless subwoofer, wireless back surround speakers. Xiomi TV feature Al-based recommendation system, apps for live broadcasting and a karaoke system with wireless microphone. Xiomi MiTV 3s is priced at Rs 82,500.


The 65-inch LG Oled C6 is pencil thin with the size of just 0.18 inch deep and a subtle curve. The stand of the TV is angular and darker shade of silver made out of transparent plastic which gives a floaty look to it. LG Oled C6 supports 4K streaming with Dolby Vision HDR through Netflix, Amazon and Vudu. OLed C6 uses individual sub-pixels for creating illumination which gives a better picture quality. The TV comes with the ultra HD resolution which gives detailing about light and dark points of the picture. LG Oled C6 has Optical digital audio output which gives a superior sound system. LG Oled C6 is priced at Rs 3, 20,270.


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