Wireless speakers have blossomed in the last few years and have shifted the bona-fide stereo system to the backseat. The new range of high fidelity bluetooth speakers are designed by veterans like Sonos and Bowers, and Wilkins Zeppelin speakers. These speakers can cost from a grand to lakhs. They are equipped with bluetooth or Wi-Fi streaming and some feature both. These speakers are the boombox of out time and make music a portable delght for the user. Here we bring to you some of the best wireless speakers available in the market today.


Sonos Play: 5 comes in two colors- white and black and it features 6 amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers. Speakers can be placed either horizontally or vertically while playing based on your preferred orientation. Sonos also comes with Touch sensors for volume and track control. The songs stream from home Wi- Fi network which helps uninterrupted Bluetooth connection and also features multiroom audio facility. Speakers also come with Sonos controller app which has a built-in automatic tunic system called Trueplay. Trueplay adds clarity to the music by removing or reducing frequencies. Sonos Play 5 also features loudness setting in the EQ that helps music sound bass-heavy at the lower volumes. Sonos Play: 5 is priced at Rs 50,000.


Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant and Google’s knowledge graph. Speakers also enables users multiple Google Home devices to be grouped together to enjoy the same song in every room. Google Home also comes with the top touch surface gives total control, and a mute button lets you put Google Home’s microphones on standby. It also features an integrated high-excursion speaker which delivers crystal-clear highs and rich bass. Google Home features capacitive touch panel with four LEDs; this panel allows adjusting the volume, pausing or playing audio, and calling up the Assistant.  Google Home is priced at Rs 20,999 approx.


Amazon Echo is a hands free speaker that can be controlled through voice commands. Echo has seven multi- directional microphones and beam forming technology which helps users to listen to music across the room. Echo is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with 360° immersive sound. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, and weather. Sound quality of the Echo is absolute clear and detailed with low to middling volumes. Echo also consists of Mute button which can be used to Mute Alexa and it also consists of physical volume controls which can be used by moving the top ring of the Amazon Echo clockwise and anti-clockwise. Amazon Echo is priced at Rs 13,000 approximately.


Riva Turbo X is a Bluetooth speaker that delivers a new philosophy of sound patented with Trillium audio technology for truly immersive sound and Trillium Surround for an enhanced movie and gaming experience. Speakers are packed with 45 watts of power, a 26+ hour battery playing time and high performance echo cancelling speakerphone. The sound quality of the speakers is super-loud and lasts for a long period on a single charge. Turbo X features three 60mm active drivers and four passive radiators, which push bass out of the front and back of the unit. Portable speakers also deliver detailed sound through the upper–mids and treble reducing its power. Riva Turbo X is priced at Rs 46, 600.


Devialet Gold Phantom does make a dramatic first impression with its design. It is carved from plastic and aluminum into a sonic spheroid. The Gold Phantom tweeter is a titanium dome, a theoretical upgrade on the aluminium alternative used lower down the range. The Gold Phantom is designed as a wireless speaker and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Phantom speakers comes with 750 watts of power and features distortion free audio but it also gives brain-melting sonic assault to rattle windows and shake the door off its hinges. It has bandwidth of 16Hz to 25kHz and l control buttons in favor of gesture-based commands with impressive frequency range. Devialet Gold Phantom speaker is priced at Rs 2,68,614.


Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless changed the game for speaker dock sound quality and design. Zeppelin features dramatically improved acoustics and functionality. All-new drive units featuring the latest audiophile technologies: 2 double dome tweeters, two midrange drivers with FST technology and a 6.5” subwoofer for deep bass to be played at an impressive volume. Wireless speakers give refined sound quality twinkling treble and pneumatic bass from the larger subwoofer. Zeppelin speakers also support Spotify Connect, Bluetooth aptX and Air Play giving a standard for sound quality in wireless home audio. Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless is priced at Rs 67,000.  

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