All of us have dreamt of futuristic robots since the time we got introduced to Robot B-9 in the movie Lost in Space. We wish to have helper-bots to assist with our needs and relieve us from our everyday monotonous chain of errands. Technological developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision have driven the innovation further to bring the best results. Today, it seems plausible that robots will soon become an integral part of everyday technology. Some robot prototypes, showcased this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, were a glimpse into that future. Here we bring to you a list of futuristic robots that will soon take centre stage in industrial and domestic settings.


Pillo is a healthcare friendly robot which features voice and face recognition technology to hear, see and understand the specific needs of the user. It keeps a track of medication, supplements and personal data. Pillo stores up to four weeks of vitamins or medication in tamper proof containers within the device. The robotic device also syncs with wearable and wireless gadgets to keep with the physical activity of the user. Pillo is powered by ARM based processor, seven-inch touchscreen display, HD camera, multiple microphones, speaker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The robot also comes with auxiliary lithium-ion battery to ensure that important functionality can remain active in the event of a temporary power outage. Pillo features an HD camera to see the activities of the user, Omni-dimensional microphones to hear the user, 7-inch touch screen, Text to Speech software to speak to the user and Artificial Intelligence to learn the behavior of the user.


Aido is an interactive personal home robot which comes with an interactive projector that visually aids through the task, feels touch and displays information. The device balances itself on a ball and can move around complex spaces. Aido also comes with a multimedia projector that can convert any wall into a movie or game screen. The robot is also compatible to control electronic appliances and lighting of the house, and also keeps track of your schedule throughout the day. With its Smart intruder alerts, powerful sensors and synchronization it also keep your home safe. Aido comes with microphones, environmental sensors 3 kinds of camera- 5MP camera, 1 MP 30 FPS Infrared vision and 0.3 MP Camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, USB and Universal IR Remote. The robot is also powered by Quad Core ARM7 1.6 Ghz, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB MicroSD storage.


ZenBo is developed by a Taiwan-based Company, ASUS, which is a smart companion powered by Intel. Zenbo moves around and assists the user in day-to-day work, gives alerts about important information and reminders, responds to spoken questions and requests, takes photos, videos and makes video calls, connects and controls smart home devices, learns user behavior with artificial intelligence, plays high quality music with built-in stereo speakers and expresses emotions with facial expressions. ZenBo’s face screen acts as a touchpad interface. The robot can play games or read out stories for kids and alert users if an elderly relative is in trouble.


Jibo reacts with surprisingly thoughtful movements and responses. The robot features two high- resolution cameras to recognize and track faces, capture photos and make video calls. It also features 360 degree microphones and natural language processing that lets users talk to the robot from anywhere. It is integrated with artificial intelligence through which Jibo learns and adapts to the user’s lifestyle. It also helps in day-to-day work and alerts about important reminders and messages. Jibo also communicates and expresses using natural social and emotive cues to understand the user better. Jibo also connects to smart devices like smartphones and personal computers.


Tapia is a robot that learns from the user’s lifestyle. Tapia monitors users’ health and keeps users connected with their loved ones. The device is IoT integrated which means it can be connected to all smart devices and has the ability to control it. The robot features voice and facial recognition through which it can talk to the user and even respond. It can also recognize you by seeing or hearing. Tapia is also has the ability to make calls, get latest news, weather forecast, play music, and take photos and videos. It can also read printed media aloud and read stories to the children. It is powered by android 5.1. It comes with Touchpanel, Camera, Microphone, speakers, Micro SIM, Micro SD,Micro USB and Wi-Fi .

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