The category of wearable gadgets is not limited to smart watches and fancy fitness trackers. There are countless other offbeat wearable gadgets, which, though lesser known, are worth every penny you spend on them. Over the years, wearable technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. And it’s likely that in the near future we’d be able to “wear” our personal computers to work. Until that happens, let these state-of-the-art wearables give you a glimpse into what the future of technology might hold.

Wearable camera

By FrontRow

Price: Rs 46,953

This cool wearable camera, to be worn around the neck, lets you record several hours’ worth of videos anywhere and at anytime. You can instantly transfer data via the FrontRow app from the camera to your smartphone. This app also provides editing options for videos and images. The camera is great for beaming live videos on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms. The device comes with a USB port, an extra rear camera and an inbuilt speaker. It is lightweight and portable, and looks as good as any stylish accessory. 

Smart gloves

By Technuv

Price: Rs 999

These comfy knitted gloves enable users to stay connected without the hassle of actually accessing your smartphone or tablet. The pair can link up with your gadgets via Bluetooth, and is equipped with conductive material in three fingertips of each glove, making them touch-screen friendly. But the real highlight of these smart gloves is their built-in microphone, which connects with your phone. So users can answer calls without reach for their phone at all. The gloves are perfect for outdoor adventures and expeditions, and are very handy for skiing enthusiasts as well. They are compatible with all phone Android and Apple phones. Every pair is equipped with LED indicator light and charging port, and comes with a USB charging cable.

Wireless beanies

By Soundbot

Price: 1,699

This hi-tech beanie is a gift for all music lovers. Every piece contains an in-built speaker, and will let you connect to any Bluetooth device. The beanie gives you seven hours of hands-free calling and five hours of wireless music streaming. You can easily remove and re-install the headset speaker as per your convenience. This wearable gadget can be connected to any laptop or smartphone. Again, this is as good as it gets for fans of winter sports. 

Hi-tech ring

By Padraig

Price: Rs 1,999

This smart ring can link up with your phone using NFC (near-field connectivity) communication technology, whereby two electronic devices can be connected when brought within a 4cm range of each other. As a result, the smart ring is a fabulous authentication tool.

The ring can help you in numerous tasks like app lock and unlock, automatic running, sharing business cards, sharing internet links, sharing texts and online files. This titanium ring is waterproof and is suitable for both genders. It can go with any of your attires and prove a great utility the same time. The ring can easily be connected to all Android and iOS phones.

Sleep eyemask

By LC-dolida

Price: Rs 5,049

This Bluetooth eye mask enables you to listen to music as you try to sleep. Made from comfortable material, it provides you with five to seven hours of playing time. The mask comes with lithium-polymer rechargeable battery of 200mAh, which can be recharged with a USB cable. The best part about it is that it won’t beep even when the battery has been drained out and the user has nodded off. The speakers are adjustable and are supported by delicate wiring that goes from ear to ear. You have the option of adjust the position of the speakers as per your comfort.


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