Vinyl records may sound old-fashioned but only true music lovers will understand the old-world charm they bring with their music. Although the world is becoming digital by the day, and the smartphone is taking over the role of the music player, the value of the turntable remains intact. Vinyl record players are not just about vintage vibes that trigger nostalgia for music’s golden past. Modern turntables come laced with latest features like USB ports, Bluetooth, SD card slots and more. Beneath this upgraded and up-to-date surface, though, the new range of turntables, listed below, remains true to a grand musical heritage—reminding us of the lasting impact vinyl records have had on the history of sound.

Conversion turntable

By Ion Audio

Price: Rs 16,696

This Max LP turntable by Ion audio is an all-in-one player that makes it easy to listen to and convert your vinyl records into digital music. With the help of especially designed and pre-installed software and a USB port, you can easily convert records into digital files for your PC or Mac. It comes with built-in stereo speakers so that you can just sit back and listen to music from any corner of your house without any hassle. In addition to this, a headphone slot is also provided, in case you want to enjoy the music alone. The vintage design of the player adds to its charm.

Portable turntable

By Crosley radio

Price: Rs 7,855

This suitcase-styled vinyl player, Cruiser Deluxe, comes with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers. It also sports headphone jacks, auxiliary input and RCA ports. This player allows you to play records at a desirable pitch with its “pitch control” option. It also comes numerous colours ranging from orange to white sand to black. Pick any variant that suits your mood, and you are good to go.

Wooden turntable

By Electrohome

Price: Rs 27,000

Winston vinyl record player is made with real wood for that vintage look. It is equipped to play your entire collection of vinyl records, CDs, AM/FM radio and even connects to your smartphone or tablet. This record player sports dual front facing in-built speakers. So you can just sit back and listen to your LPs or to any radio station. The well-crafted design also includes rubber feet on the bottom of the unit, to protect your the surface where you place the turntable from scuffs or scratches.

Multitasking turntable

By Boytone

Price: Rs 15,470

This Boytone vinyl player, BT-19DJS-C, is a package of old and new technologies. It is a three-speed turntable with MP3 player, USB and SD card slots. It comes with FM radio, digital display, wireless remote control, two built-in speakers, rotary knobs and even a cassette player. In addition to all this, using this machine, you can convert all your vinyl records to MP3 format without a computer via USB port. Through the input jack you can also connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or any other digital music player with a headphones jack. The BT-19DJS-C includes LCD display, and bass-boost technology for great sound. This device is available in black and silver colours.

Classic turntable

By Jensen electronics

Price: Rs 9,084

A three-speed turntable, the JTA-222 comes with AM/FM stereo radio and also features two built-in front-facing speakers. It sports a headphones jack, power indicator and a dust cover, and is powered by 120V AC power. The highlight of this vinyl player is its design. It has this antique wooden case design which gives it a vintage look. Although it is available in black and brown colours, the latter certainly seems to be the better of the two. This player has retro looks with modern and advanced features. The price and specifications are also among the major plus points.

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