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A cut-away model of the Chinese Gen-III nuclear power technology HPR1000 by China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) is displayed at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), the trade fair event for the global nuclear community in Villepinte

Made in China 2025: Cause for a Cold War between China and the US?

It is clear that the initiative is geared towards letting Chinese manufacturing move up the value chain in production and innovation...


China’s BRI is unlikely to fail

India and China need to work out modalities for strengthening and deepening cooperation.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis inspects honour guard as India's Defence Minister Sitharaman looks on in New Delhi

China watching India-US 2+2 dialogue with keen interest

Dialogue aimed at enhancing strategic coordination and maintaining peace in the Indo-Pacific region.   The new India-US 2+2 dialogue slated...

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China riled by the Indo-Pacific construct

Indo-Pacific Strategy is the outcome of the shift of power from the West to the East.   Chinese academics, like...

China's President Xi Jinping speaks during the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg

Philosophical foundations of Xi’s New Era

President Xi Jinping is trying to imbue Confucian virtues alongside the legalist measures to the rule of law, thus making...

Illustration photo of Peak Pegasus, a cargo ship carrying soybeans from the U.S. to the port in Dalian, China

US-China trade war kicks off

China is filling all possible vacuums left by US abdication from competition in the economic and strategic arenas.   On...


China’s soft power is as sharp as sharp can be

China relies on instruments of authoritarian influence by way of co-option and manipulation, to target media, academia and the policy...


China getting marginalised in Korean crisis

The North has circumvented Beijing and left it in the lurch.   A four-hour long working dinner between the North...