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Alliance of democracies must put a stop to Xi’s China dreams

Washington, DC: Following the 20th party congress of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping consolidated his position as the...


Clash of Alliances: A geopolitical churn is going on

We are witnessing a de facto clash of two emerging alliances—an alliance of democracies in the form of Quad 3.0...


Needed, a peaceful and prosperous IPCO

The alternative vision of a peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific Cooperation Organization (IPCO) is in sharp contrast to Xi Jinping’s China’s...

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Can CRIP, the alliance of authoritarians, counter Quad?

The CRIP is an acronym for China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan, depicting a de facto emerging strategic alliance of authoritarian...

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The Dragon roams the Arctic

The Arctic region is home to almost four million inhabitants, of which approximately one-tenth are indigenous people. The United States...