Maj Gen Ashok Kumar Retd

General Manoj Pande meets with the NCC cadets

How to rejuvenate the National Cadet Corps

An institutional mechanism can be implemented wherein the veterans are co-opted in training as well as in the administration of...

The 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China in Beijing

The BRI agenda: China’s friends too are at peril

China has launched a worldwide Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since 2013. It was in 2013 that current President of...

Indian Army showcase capability of the Landing Craft Assault


Maintenance is equally important and at par with ‘making’ the product, especially in a country where every penny counts.  ...


Taiwan: A Chinese imbroglio or a US misread?

China was keen that the US got directly engaged in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which gave it a golden opportunity to...

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Xi’s predecessors laid foundation of his expansionist policies

While dynastic rule was terminated in 1911 in current day China, the period from 1912 till China got its present...

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Half-masting of Tricolour must stop

A nation has to keep its flag flying high reflecting the aspirations of its entire population.   UAE President Sheikh...