Maj Gen (Dr) GD Bakshi

Clients of the Russian bank VTB gather at its head office in Moscow

West’s economic warfare against Russia is hurting the world

The world was emerging out of the Covid pandemic-induced economic shock. Now the shock of the Ukraine war is pushing...

The threat of biological warfare is real

The threat of biological warfare is real

The fact is, biological warfare labs were funded and built by the US Department of Defense, either through Defense Advanced...

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Information war is at its peak in the Ukraine conflict

One problem of US’ overwhelming global information dominance is the trap of believing your own propaganda and treating it as...


Russia vs Ukraine: A war that can wreck the world

Should the war spill beyond Ukraine there is a clear danger of the use of tactical nuclear weapons.   OVERVIEW...

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Jammu drone strike marks dangerous escalation by Pak

It is vital that we do not let ourselves get trapped in a defensive and reactive stance, confined to consequence...

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What really happened in Wuhan?

Lies in Lancet When the Covid pandemic erupted, 27 top virologists got together and wrote an article in the prestigious...