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Sachin Vasudeva faceless assessments edited

Course correction is needed in faceless proceedings

Authorities have power to grant adjournments, but this power has to be exercised judiciously. New Delhi: In a paradigm shift...

Sachin Vasudeva GST edited

Four years on, GST regime needs further simplification

Initial technical challenges over operating the GST portal have been ironed out over a period of time. New Delhi: The...

Estate planning Plan today

Estate planning: Plan today for a better tomorrow

Succession planning is not only for business families, but for all individuals with assets to be inherited by their loved...

Taxpayers’ charter

Taxpayers’ charter: Time to walk the talk

There is a need for serious implementation of the Charter to reduce the trust gap.

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Faceless appeals: Is the process actually transparent?

Right from the admission to the finalisation stage, the scheme fails to tick the transparency box. New Delhi: As part...

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Is transparent taxation the panacea for tax terrorism?

The ‘Honouring the Honest’ scheme is a bold step, but has nothing in it to reward honest taxpayers.    ...