A transformed Labour Party celebrated themselves at their conference in Brighton this week, while activists paraded with “Communism not Corbynism” banners outside. The Labour’s cultish leader Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxist shadow cabinet so complimented each other on their success in the June election, one could be forgiven for thinking they had won. Erstwhile Corbyn challenger Tom Watson, Corbyn’s deputy pro-tem, and an unlikely culture secretary and political henchman, serenaded Jeremy Corbyn who blushed smugly. Watson’s bitterness towards the Tory victory was palpable.  He introduced the concept of a Labour gambling levy and a ban on football clubs benefitting from sponsorships deals with betting companies and accused Uber of Tory cronyism. Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Secretary for Exiting the EU, bashed Brexit negotiations and promised the Labour would build a new progressive partnership with the EU and negotiate a final deal ensuring continued co-operation and collaboration in all fields.

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor and Corbyn loyalist, announced he would end the private finance initiative and nationalise mail, rail, energy and water-all of these policies would be extremely costly (estimated at £185billion); exactly how the Labour would reduce the debt and eliminate the deficit was not explained.

Following all the love bombing from the Labour’s cabinet, cadre Jeremy Corbyn took to the stage during a standing ovation; their new membership numbers have given the Labour confidence he will win the next general election. Corbyn is polling at 43% versus Theresa may at 39%, Corbyn’s speech was compared to the ideology of Harold Wilson but couched with the popular passionate bonhomie for his followers and the Labour community. Corbyn said the centre ground of UK politics has shifted to the left; he challenged austerity, adding that his foreign policy wants Palestinian liberation while wishing to avoid future bombing campaigns. He also accused President Trump of pandering to racism and polluting the planet.

Although the Labour cannily left Brexit out of their conference agenda, Corbyn mocked the Tory for the expensive DUP deal. He said he supported unimpeded access to the single market and he would end the public sector pay cap and introduce rent controls, specifically for young people. Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, appreciated Corbyn’s tribute to contribution of the three million EU living in the UK.

Labour’s alleged anti-semitism is well documented, but remarks at a conference fringe event seemed to have called for Jewish activists to be expelled from the party. Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the Labour is in danger of being seen as a racist party.

The Labour have adhered to their 2017 election manifesto which was castigated for promising more debt(estimate +£312billion) and higher taxes. Can Britain really afford a socialist Prime Minister?

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