The former Czechoslovak agent Jan Sarkocy told the Czech TV channel CT24 that Jeremy Corbyn, aka Agent COB, was a paid informant of the Czechoslovak secret police the StB during the height of the Cold War. Corbyn denies taking any money and being an informer or collaborator but does not deny that some meetings took place. It was also reported in The Telegraph that Germany’s secret police the Stasi kept “top secret” files on the Labour Action for Peace group which Jeremy Corbyn helped to run during the 1980s. Furthermore, Guido Fawkes reveals declassified CIA files show American spies kept tabs on Jeremy Corbyn’s links to a Soviet-backed trade union called Fenastras that supported Marxist guerrillas and in 1986 Corbyn embarked on a tour of Latin American regimes Niguaragua, Cuba and El Salvador. What does all this mean in today’s political environment? It is well known that Labour’s Shadow Chancellor is a known to be a Marxist, however, Jeremy Corbyn democratically follows what his National Executive Committee decides.

The Conservative party have got in a pickle with their messaging, the word “broken” seems to have got stuck in the party lexicon—broken railway infrastructure, broken education system, broken national health provision, broken housing policy. This presents a negative picture of the government’s social contract to citizens and an opportunity for Labour to claim the Tory government is broken and they will deliver it all for free. Tory’s can never compete with Labour on cost but Labour can never deliver it all for free. Sources say Corbyn will be backing remaining in a customs union with the EU in his speech on Monday which would prevent UK from signing comprehensive trade deals with countries outside the EU during the transition period.

Sixty-two European Reform Group Conservative MPs felt compelled to write a joint letter to UK Prime Minister Theresa May, politely reminding her of her 2017 Lancaster House speech that promised a total Brexit with regulatory autonomy and free-trading. They proffered some suggestions how this might be achieved including negotiating with the EU as an equal partner. Everyone noted that this number of MPs is 14 higher that the magic number needed for the 1922 Committee to hold a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.  

Oxfam have been disgraced by sexually exploiting victims of the Haiti 2010 earthquake; Save the Children face similar claims. In spite of the soft power of do-gooding NGOs, once an organisation is stained with such ignominy it is near impossible to recover its previous status.Paedophiles and perverts are known to be attracted to lawless disaster areas where the vulnerable are in need of protectors. Baroness Stowell, the former leader of the Conservatives in the House of Lords, will head the new Charity watch dog and Penny Mordaunt, Secretary for International Development, is digging in with reforms—she said, “My department, and the Charity Commission, will hold a safeguarding summit on the fifth of March, where we will meet with UK international development charities, regulators and experts to confront safeguarding failures and agree practical measures, such as an aid worker accreditation scheme we in the UK can use.” She had this message for UN aid workers: “You can either get your house in order or you can prepare to carry on your good work without our money.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken retail joints were running around like headless chickens this week as their new delivery contractors DHL were unable to deliver the chickens to 600 outlets. Apparently the global distributor’s cold storage facilities were not registered with local health authorities.

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