The United States finished two agonizing weeks of politicking that included the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, with each party officially nominating its candidates for the presidential election to be held on 3 November 2020. Each party’s rising stars and the candidates were afforded one week of dedicated prime-time television coverage to lay out their policy platforms and vision for America, making their “best case” as to why their party should be elected to govern the country over the next four years. The two conventions were a stark contrast between socialism, where violence and lawlessness are encouraged, and hope and optimism, where law and order is restored and maintained.

The Democratic National Convention did not offer a platform and provided only a brief glimpse at Joe Biden, who escaped from his basement to read a teleprompter in an empty room. The only unity found in the Democratic Party was in the distributed hymn sheet containing their primary policy goal, tirelessly repeated as the week’s mantra—Orange Man bad, elect us.

Oddly enough, not one speaker or candidate representing the Democratic Party Convention mentioned or denounced the epic increase in murder, violent crime, murder, looting, anarchy and chaos that has swept across the nation in every big city that is governed, managed and run by Democratic Party politicians. In fact, Jerry Nadler, the Democratic Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee denies that the murders and violent crimes committed by ANTIFA in Portland even occurred. (See Nadler’s statement here). This is all about fear, money and economic plunder. This election is the most epic power-grab in history.

Also totally absent was any mention of the Democratic Party’s obsession over the last four years with hoaxes and witch hunts that lacked any facts, evidence or basis in reality. These included Trump’s impeachment, Ukraine-gate, Russia-gate, Trump being a Russian agent and the $35-million Mueller investigation, which uncovered nothing but minor “process crimes”.

The intelligence community couldn’t even be bothered to follow detailed investigative principles in order to find the truth by exploring all evidence issues and providing an evidentiary basis for discussion and debate. Instead, they just focused on slandering reputations.

In America’s history, there have never been so many well-funded and coordinated attempts to conduct a coup d’état of a democratically elected president and his administration. Why? ORANGE MAN BAD. These diversions only succeeded in disrupting a sitting President’s ability to do his job.

The media have also taken part by faithfully serving as the fifth column of the Democratic Party and continuing to pitch unhinged and baseless allegations against Trump. Here are a few examples. MSNBC’s Maddow spouted a new insane Russia theory every day and promised the “walls were closing in on Trump”. Others in the media went as far as saying that it’s only a matter of time before we see Trump and his family taken off to prison in handcuffs. National Public Radio (NPR) has promoted the book, In Defense of Looting (this book is number one on Amazon), which supports and seeks to justify the lawlessness, violent mobs, rioting, looting and anarchy that is sweeping across America.

In addition to attacking Trump, the media is doing everything possible to protect the Democratic candidates. For example, why is Biden allowed to hide in his basement, not required to answer questions or do interviews? Why has the media never investigated the false-narrative of Harris’s record being one of protecting all victims while serving as San Francisco’s top prosecutor?

San Francisco, under Kamala Harris, was one of the only cities in the nation that did not prosecute the “alleged” paedophile priests for the sexual abuse claims made by more than fifty witnesses. Does this sound like she was interested in protecting all victims? Does Harris’s track record point towards improving public safety? (Watch this video.)

The media also neglected to mention how quickly after Biden’s selection of Harris’s as his VP, the “Me Too” movement vanished. We witnessed epic hypocrisy in the Democratic Party and their partners in the media. The seemingly credible sexual assault claims made by Tara Reade against Joe Biden, to which Kamala Harris said, “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it” (here), disappeared from the headlines.

The Democratic Party will do and say anything to garner power. A class war involving an ideology involving indoctrination pushing insane “critical race theory” has picked up momentum, infecting society at large. ANTIFA and BLM are carrying the Democratic Party’s water, playing on people’s emotions while sidestepping facts and evidence. It’s a socialist Trojan horse bent on ending America’s free enterprise system wrapped in a veneer of progressive idealism where violence is justified to get this revolution over the finish line (watch this video). The Democratic Party’s vision for America is crime, corruption, cover-ups and cancel-culture. Get “woke” or go broke.

In an extremely powerful RNC speech (here), Maximo Alvarez, a U.S. citizen who escaped to Florida after living through the false promises and oppression of Fidel Castro’s Cuba, best summarized the tone of the Republican Conference with his first-hand warning on communism and socialism: “I can never forget those who grew up around me in Cuba, who suffered, starved and died because they believed in Castro’s empty promises. Redistribute the wealth, free healthcare, education, defund the police? Trust the socialist state more than your family? And your community? They don’t sound radical to my ears; they sound familiar.”

Trump recognizes the danger that the communist state of China poses to America and, unlike Biden, is willing to take a stand against Chinese spying, IP theft, and political influence. Trump’s RNC speech mentioned China sixteen times, whereas Biden’s DNC speech only mentioned China once. Trump correctly identified that “Biden’s agenda is Made in China”. One just has to look at Biden’s time as Vice President for proof. Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen discovered that Hunter Biden’s private equity firm, “negotiated a $1.5 billion investment deal with the state-owned Bank of China at the same time that his father, then the vice president, was conducting high-level diplomacy with Beijing”.

Trump’s destruction of the status quo has uncovered America’s dual justice system of one rule for thee and another for me and has shined a spotlight on the fact that the alleged political corruption involving Hunter and Joe Biden Ukraine and China Pay-To-Play scandals has never been adequately investigated.

During a Donald Trump second term, and his survival of the coming Hillary Clinton-inspired legal challenges, Trump will continue to reduce China’s grip on America. Many anticipate a huge economic upside for India as China’s role in America is further marginalized by Trump.

Mitchell Feierstein is the CEO of Glacier Environmental Fund and author of “Planet Ponzi: How the World Got into This Mess, What Happens Next, and How to Protect Yourself”. He spends his time between London and Manhattan. Join Mitch on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook—@Planetponzi