Afghanistan’s former intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil talked to NewsX-The Sunday Guardian from Kabul. Excerpts:

Q. On reaction to India’s surgical strike:

A. It should be precise against terrorist camps. Not just on that side. We should do the same on our side with the coalition forces here. I support India’s move. We should conduct surgical strikes too but not against civilians. It should be against terrorist camps spreading terrorist activities in India and in the region. 

Q. On Pak retaliation of surgical strikes could be by attacking Indian missions and installations in Afghanistan: 

A. They will definitely try because of our close ties with India. But I am sure they will not succeed. 

Q. On Pak ISI involvement in terror attacks: 

A. Seeing Osama Bin Laden killed in Abbottabad shows Pak complicity. We in Afghanistan have enough evidence that they directly support terrorist groups under the name of Haqqani Network or for that matter Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. We arrested the brother of Siraj Haqqani, who confessed that he was living in Murree, which is close to Islamabad. They have safe havens in cities, not just in rural areas. Hafiz Saeed holds gatherings in cities. There is no doubt that Pak ISI is supporting these terrorists. 

Q. On evidence:

A. We have evidence to back our claims. We have arrested several terrorists who have admitted that they have received training in Peshawar or Nowshera and other parts. Their handlers are military people. They get their orders from GHQ. 

Q. On LeT, JeM wings of ISI: 

A. Nobody can doubt it. I can tell you that they are operating under ISI instructions. They are fully involved in these sorts of matters. In most cases, these terrorist groups help each other, but are supported by the ISI.

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