Evidently, there are some parallels in India where both the opposition and much of the media have weaponised the pandemic to attack the Prime Minister.


Boris Johnson, as the Prime Minister, is ferrying through trying times. For the past three years, essentially since 2019 when he took the charge, forces have been at work creating chaos and division in the United Kingdom, apparently with intent to destabilise a stable democracy.

The still extant divisions created by Remain and Leave over Brexit have morphed into a pandora’s chest of other divisions with a distinct anti-British tinge.

Despite recently lifting most restrictions, the UK still has Covid-19 related divisions about lockdown versus liberties, these arguments encompass not only the government handling of the pandemic but issues around public health, democracy, scrutiny, and censorship. Interrupting the vaccine rollout today fringe elements promote the declining theme of vaccine hesitancy; at the end of April, YouGov found only 11% of Britons were hesitant to take a vaccine.

Immigration policy at UK’s borders continues to excite human rights activists versus conservative public opinion. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is called an infringement on human rights, a threat to democracy set to worsen inequality by activists when they campaign to ‘Kill The Bill’, whereas the Home Office presents the Bill as a collaboration between authorities to prevent serious violence.

The manufactured popularity competition between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex has ramped up after the Duke and Duchess visited Scotland. Scottish Independence is another subject that excites division, some say if you want a Conservative Government in England forever then let Scotland go its way, others say Scotland could never afford to be independent. The Scottish National Party believes that 90% of dwindling North Sea Oil revenues are in the jurisdiction of Scotland; but with the shift to NetZero will Scotland be financially viable forever. And Brexit introduced the border in the Irish Sea that is now so contentious and bodes the concept of a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, or a United Ireland.

Then there is the colonial fury about the Rhodes Statue at Oriel College-Oxford; colonial slavery;  the wealth stolen by The British Empire from India and all the other injustices committed between 1858-1947.

Racism, racial or ethnic abuse in the form of anti-Semitism, anti-Indian sentiment, Islamophobia, BLM, Palestinian rights are all grist for the mill for Britain’s adversaries. British universities seem to have the monopoly on denouncing racism, many have introduced the ‘Report and Support’ system, where all manner of harassment and abuse can be reported, even anonymously. How Cambridge is being turned into Xi’s China (telegraph.co.uk)

All the above have foundations of truth but what is happening on the streets and social media, in a multitude of disinformation campaigns under the banner of free speech, is driving instability and not just in the UK. A recent example of this is a TikTok clip that encouraged others to film themselves inflicting gratuitous abuse against Orthodox Jews, the Adharmic side of humanity allowed this to go viral and perpetuate a culture of hate, and humanity knows where that leads.

On top of all these divisions, the Prime Minister is facing a barrage of revenge testimony from his former buddy and senior adviser Dominic Cummings, in a prequel to next year’s inquiry into the Government’s management of the Pandemic. This is a story of the “eminence grise” turning into an attack dog, however, the allegations are unlikely to affect Johnson as all the populace wants are vaccinations but this spectacle provides an entertaining window into the Prime Minister’s dysfunctionalism. Last year the mainstream media was all about savaging Cummings, this year they have turned 180degrees from vilification to holding him up as gospel, which is ostensibly an oxymoron as Cummings loathes the MSM but the MSM loathes Johnson, making an uncomfortable case of unity and hypocrisy.

This spectacle and the focus it is receiving returns to the theme of the creation of chaos, all the anti-Johnson’s are allies, no matter how much they differ and disagree with each other individually.

Perhaps there are some parallels in India where both the opposition and much of the MSM have weaponised the pandemic to attack the Prime Minister.

Whatever the pressure Johnson has the perfect last words “Labour vacillate, Conservatives vaccinate”.